Wedding Packages

So, the question has been popped and hopefully by now the champagne corks have too and its time to start planning your special day!


Flowers have differing priorities for all in the vision of your day; some of you may love flowers and want a floral filled day, and some of you may be less enthused but still want flowers to play a part, provided that doesn’t mean you have to reduce the budget you’ve allocated to hiring that amazing band!


Regardless of your thoughts on flowers they do have an important part to play in your special day and lasting memories of the occasion. Here at One Fine Dahlia we are passionate about making your visions come to life, whatever your priority or budget may be, and we have come up with a range of options to help you. Look at our packages below and contact us to discuss your requirements.

The Leave it to us Option

The Budget Savvy Option

The Bespoke Option